Change is Beautiful

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Happy Spring!

A new year, a clean slate, and a focussed mission. We are so excited to share inspiration to get back to nature. Food from nature, ethically made clothing that is environmentally safe, and transforming your home into something fresh and clean, like that first breath of spring air.

Our continued mission in 2018 will be to focus on changing our lifestyles to something more organic and sustainable, continue conservation efforts for both the environment and living beings alike, and to continue providing you with organic and fair-trade products at Black Oak Market.

We also want to look deeper into our food and clothing that we consume- how its made, who supplies or makes it, and how it impacts people and the environment.

Here’s what’s happening in April:

We are focussing on our health and nature. We will be bringing you some fantastic inspirations from our favorite online grocery store, Thrive Market. We believe that in order to make BIG changes, you have to take baby steps. Afraid that changing your diet is hard? Don’t worry, we all are there with you, and hopefully you’ll find our posts to be helpful and make things easier! Since it is spring, we are are starting fresh.  We’ll be posting resources for some of the best superfoods and organic products to add to your daily diet to optimize your overall health, naturally. Don’t forget to check out our FacebookPINTEREST , and Instagram (Follow us!) pages for more inspiration! Stay tuned!

The Bookclub:

In April, we are continuing to read the book called Kiss the Ground which is about soil revolution and climate change, how the way we eat can effect our health AND the environment! So far, its an eye-opener.  We can’t wait for you to join us!

Head over to Goodreads and join “Black Oak Book Club” to join the discussion on this book and documentaries to follow.

In the Shop:

Watch for all new organic and fair-trade products coming to the shop!  In April , we are  Free Shipping with code: FREESHIP at checkout.

The Blog:

Throughout the year, we will be posting new articles and recipes that feature Thrive Market and some articles here and there about minimalism, conservation, and NEW this year-TRAVELING GUIDES! You can check out our blog now and read all about Thrive Market and why we chose it to be our go-to online grocery store!

We thank you for all your support and wish you the very best this Spring!

Lots of Love,

Megan @ Black Oak Market




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